Our Teamwork makes the job perfect !

There is no perfect team. But there is a recipe for success – many similar characteristics shared by effective teams, independent of industry or function 

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved,” – American poet Mattie Stepanek.

In order to build the best cohesion of the team, the company organized all partners to participate in the team PK competition organized by Alibaba this year. This is a competition to compete with other companies for performance. Before the competition starts, we will set goals and make plans on how to divide and cooperate to win the competition. This makes each of us feel that we are not alone, but in a team. To win the game requires everyone's efforts and full cooperation! Let’s see the wonderful moment !

Our Teamwork makes the job perfect2
Our Teamwork makes the job perfect !

We are together ! During the entire competition, each of us worked hard to achieve our goals and were happy for our companions to receive orders. Even though everyone was tired, they were all very fulfilled!

The competition is full of collaborative challenges and laughter, which further enhances the awareness of teamwork and the spirit of hard work and enterprising. In order to increase the fun of the game and stimulate the morale of employees, the event also rewarded the teams who completed the challenge with cash on the spot. The event was fun and exciting. Everyone united and cooperated, you chased me, and competed happily. During the period, slogans, cheers, cheers, and cheers came one after another, which was very lively. At this moment, employees with a common goal, continue to forge ahead and surpass themselves. After fierce competition, the first group led by our company finally won the championship.

Our Teamwork makes the job perfect3

In the face of the information age, only by continuous learning can the team be in an invincible position and better meet the challenges of the knowledge economy era. Through this training, we have a deeper understanding. We are a group, we do things together, we solve difficulties together, and everyone has a different way of thinking. We gather everyone's wisdom to try to do things well. We are always full of passion in team training, and everyone is full of passion and strives to achieve the goal.

Through this competition, we are more convinced that we will do better and better in the industry of party products! Let the balloons bring you joy! 

Post time: Jul-09-2022