Good idea to plan a business party

A business party is appropriate just about whenever you have something to celebrate, whether it's an employee's birthday or the news of a huge sale. Because this is a business affair and not a personal party, you have to take a few extra precautions to make sure that you have a safe and professional event. The planning process involves a few key steps, but if you feel overwhelmed by 

Good idea to plan a business party

1.Start planning your business party at least three or four months beforehand if you're planning a big shindig. This is so that you have plenty of options for booking halls and caterers if necessary. Enlist one or two of your creative employees to help you with the planning process if possible.

2.Set a date for the party depending on the availability of the "guests of honor," whether they are your employees or a client.

3.Decide on a theme for your business party to add some excitement to the event. Decorate the venue in the style of your theme or hire an interior decorator to do this more professionally.

4.Choose the venue for the business party. Make this decision depending on the number of attendees and who you plan to invite to the event. For example, if this is just a small gathering of a few of your employees to celebrate a worker's birthday or a successful year, the ideal venue is your office or possibly your home. For a business gala event, book a hall in your area.

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5.Hire a caterer to cook and serve food at the event (if applicable). If it's a gather for employees only, take a quick survey in your office to see what type of food everyone would prefer, such as Italian, Soul Food, Traditional American or Asian fare.

6.Decide if you want to offer liquor at this event. Investigate your local liquor laws before you order any alcoholic beverages for a business party. Your business could be held liable if someone gets hurt as a result of alcohol abuse at the party. Hire a bartender to serve drinks so that you have someone monitoring the guests and assuring that minors do not get drinks—some catering companies bundle this service with the food service.

7.Consider hiring entertainment for the business party if it's a large-scale event. Choose entertainment that's appropriate for a business atmosphere, like a singer, MC, or comedian--approve all material beforehand.

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Post time: Jul-09-2022