Mylar Number 16/32/40inch Foil Number Balloon Wholesale For Party Decoration

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Foil balloons are made of nylon that is covered with a layer of aluminium. These materials are specially coated to give the balloon their foil-like appearance. They do not carry the risk of allergic reaction.

Over the last 30 years foil balloons have become more and more popular.  Foil balloons come in various shapes and sizes  Originally all foil balloons needed heat sealing, but later on self sealing valves were invented and now all foil balloons 18″ and larger are self sealing and therefore no longer require heat sealing.  This meant a huge time savings for balloon vendors and sales have grown ever since and now make up a larger portion of the balloon market.  Although still more expensive then latex balloons foil balloons have the advantage of having longer float times that can range from 4 days to 21 days.  Foil balloon float times depend on many factors such as elevations, humdity etc… so it is difficult to give an accurate float time for foil balloons.  Foil balloons can also be printed in more colors.  Therefore, you get much more detail on a foil balloon versus a latex balloon.

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Number balloons.Nice decoration for birthday and anniversary parties. They will add fun and festive atmosphere for the party.

Birthday number balloons. Can be used repeatedly, no extra knot, self-sealing valve, convenient inflation and deflation.

Anniversary number balloons. Made of quality material, the balloon is safe and durable to use.

The jumbo design makes it asa wonderful backdrop in any occasion.It can not only create happy atmosphere for the party, but also allow you to take memorable pictures with it. Perfect party accessories.

Product Specification

Mylar number (1)

Size: 16”

Inflated balloon size: Around 40cm

Colour: Assorted

Packing: 50pcs/bag or by your require

Material: Nylon or PET

Perfect for a huge range of celebrations!

All our balloons are sent out flat, not inflated

Customer Questions & Answers

Q1: What is the MOQ ? Can I get samples first ?
A: MOQ is 500pcs, with various colors. Free samples are glad to offer

Q2: Does your product could be customized ?
A: Yes, you could customized package bag and balloon shape

Q3: Can I mix models and colors ?
A:Sure,mix orders or colors are acceptable. You can tell us your favors with contact details above

Q4: How long they last ?
A: Our customer had their balloons decorations outside for 3 days they still look really good

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