Cute funny face latex balloon

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Packing: a pack of 50pcs, there are funny balloons with different colors and different expressions.

Cute patterns: These cartoon balloons have a variety of cute expressions, which will be very popular with children.

How to use: You can fill these smiling balloons with water, air or helium.

High quality: party balloons are made of high-quality latex, which is very safe for people of any age (people who are allergic to latex please use it with caution).

Very suitable for: birthday parties, weddings, bridal showers, celebrations, ceremonies, Halloween, Christmas, bouquets, theme parties, carnivals and festivals.

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Product Description

Party! Party! Party! Everyone likes to go to parties!

If you want to make sure everyone remembers the party because it's so great, then you have to arrange a lot of things before the party starts!

We are ready to prepare a series for DIY balloon decoration. And help you buy decorations in order before the party without spending too much time or money!

In this package, you can get 50 interesting big balloons, colors and different expressions!

Suitable for various activities:

- Ideal party supplies, suitable for schools, families, offices, schools, universities, colleges;

- Very suitable for baby party and gender party;

- Amazing background supplement, suitable for photo booths, central decorations, dessert tables;

- The blue balloon suit is very suitable for student gatherings;

- Outdoor school gym party, celebration, game party room, homecoming decoration and anniversary;

- Unique Party style, use blue balloons to attend birthday parties, children's parties, etc!

Customer Questions & Answers

Q1: What is the MOQ ? Can I get samples first ?
A: MOQ is 500pcs, with various colors. Free samples are glad to offer

Q2: Does your product could be customized ?
A: Yes, you could customized package bag and balloon shape

Q3: Can I mix models and colors ?
A:Sure,mix orders or colors are acceptable. You can tell us your favors with contact details above

Q4: How long they last ?
A: Our customer had their balloons decorations outside for 3 days they still look really good

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